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Professional Staff

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Ester Sihite, PhD (she/her)

Interim Director |

headshot of Ester Sihite

Ester is a 1.5-generation Indonesian American who calls Seattle home. She has held a variety of roles in higher education, from student affairs practitioner to researcher, to teacher/instructor. Prior to working in the IBIC office, she directed an intergroup dialogue program, and designed and facilitated diversity and social justice education at Georgetown University, which aimed for both individual- and organizational-level change. Ester earned her Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago in Higher Education, where she co-conducted research on a number of topics including: racial equity and stratification within higher education, the experiences and activism of Asian American college students, innovative and inclusive teaching practices, and the use of anti-deficit and anti-racist frameworks by community college educators. Her passion lies in working with others to engage in social justice-grounded praxis, and centering the social/cultural margins. Outside of her work, Ester enjoys exploring the Bay Area, playing sports (particularly flag football!), traveling, and spending quality time with the people in her community.

Focus areas: Faces of Community, PSYCH 103, staff/faculty training

Zayna Seyedi (she/her)

Assistant Director |

Zayna Seyedi Headshot

Zayna Seyedi is a first-generation college graduate originally from the Bay Area. She received her M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of San Francisco and her B.A. in Political Science from San José State University. Her passion and research focuses on ensuring equitable outcomes for underrepresented students in higher education; as well as increasing institutional support and access to resources for all students. Zayna is a co-instructor of Psych 103F: Intergroup Communication Facilitation. The course prepares undergraduate and graduate students to facilitate courageous conversations across identity; rooted in vulnerability, story sharing, and critical self reflection.

Focus areas: PSYCH 103F, Peer Facilitation Program, Dialogue Grant Program

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Jeannie Yamazaki (she/they)

DIBE Program Coordinator |

Jeannie Yamazaki Headshot

Originally from Valhalla, New York, Jeannie lived and worked in Japan before coming to Stanford. She earned her B.S. from Cornell University, where as a dialogue facilitator and peer counselor, she became passionate about human connection. Continuing now as a Program Coordinator for the IBIC, she aims to facilitate connection – with ourselves and one another – as a means to disrupt, dismantle, and heal from oppressive systems. In her free time, Jeannie loves to listen to audiobooks, cook good food (or attempt to, anyway), and go on walks.

Focus areas: PSYCH 103F, LINKS, Dialogue Grant Program

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Adrian Vega (he/they)

DIBE Program Coordinator |

Adrian Vega headshot

Born and raised in Point Reyes, CA, Adrian’s experiences as a FLI student of color at Stanford drove their interest in pursuing a career working alongside diverse college students. After graduating from Stanford in 2019, Adrian went on to mentor and advise first-generation/low-income college students. More recently, Adrian earned their Ed.M. in Education Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Adrian is excited to be back on The Farm and support the Office’s work towards building a supportive campus community for all. Outside of their work, Adrian loves spending time in the kitchen, lounging at home, playing with his nephews, and buying new books.

Focus areas: LINKS, Peer Facilitation Program, Faces of Community

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