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How do you explore and engage the difference within and without?

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Exploring Racism and Anti-Racism


So You Wanna Talk About Race? by Ijeoma Oluo (video)
Why “I’m not Racist” is Only Half the Story by Robin DiAngelo (video)
“We Are Still Here”--A Documentary on Today’s Young Native Americans (video)
I’ve always been an Arab. It was only when I moved to the US I realised I was ‘brown’
For Me, Being Latino Means Living Between Two Worlds
Bill of Rights for Mixed People
A Conversation with Asian Americans on Race 
A Conversation with White People on Race (video)
What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You (video)
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race

26 Mini-Films for Exploring Race, Bias and Identity With Students by The New York Times (video)

Why Black is Beautiful and Powerful by Amandla Stenberg

Understanding the Racial Wealth Gap, 2017 study by Amy Traub, Laura Sullivan, Tatjana Mescheded, & Tom Shapiro
You Cannot Divorce Race From Immigration, NPR Morning Edition, journalist Rachel Martin talks to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas (audio)
The Urgency of Intersectionality, TED Talk by  Kimberlé Crenshaw (video)
“13th” Film Discussion Guide (pdf) and More “13th” Discussion Guides
1619 Project by Nicole Hannah Jones (interactive)
Pulitzer Center: The 1619 Project (resource guide)
Seeing White Podcast (audio)
Microaggressions by Fusion Comedy


Maria Yellow Horse Brave House: Historical Trauma in Native American Populations (video)

Music Theory and White Supremacy by Adam Neely (video)

Speaks Volumes to White Citizens on Receiving the Same Treatment as Black Citizens by Jane Elliot

Motion (Act)

21 Day Racial Equity Challenge by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr

White Ally Toolkit

Racial Equity Tools

Exploring Gender Diversity



Gender Expression


Trans Health and Well-Being

Discrimination and Violence

LGBTQ+ History

Gender Equality

Stanford Resources

Exploring Social Economic Status 

Books, Articles and Media

Clash! Chapter 5 by Hazel Markus
The Economy That Slavery Built by Nikole Hannah-Jones (podcast)
Where We Stand: Class Matters - White Poverty by bell hooks
What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class
Are You Really Middle Class?
The Aristocracy That Let Me In
Who Still Believes in the American Dream
Jesse Klein: Relative Wealth
Jenny Wang: A response to “Relative Wealth”
5 ways the government keeps native americans in poverty
The Complexities of Gentrification
I Came to Duke with an Empty Wallet
What the Privileged Poor Can Teach Us
Race vs. Class: The False Dichotomy
How the ultra-rich talk to their kids about money
Economic diversity and student outcomes at Stanford University
Before playing this game
Please take a moment to read this article which explains the purpose as well as limitations of the game
Growing Up Homeless
Death by Gentrification: The Killing that Shamed San Francisco
Protest Privilege: Young People with Wealth Talk About Class and Activism
What the Rich Won't Tell You
Redneck Revolt: About & Principles
The Meaning of Middle Class
Racial Disparities Racial Disparities in Income Mobility Persist, Especially for Men
College Mobility

Exploring Sexual Orientation 

Readings and Media

Rounding up the Homosexuals
What Queer Means
30 Examples of Heterosexual Privilege
Fence Sitters, Switch Hitters, and Bi-Bi Girls
Your Heteronormative, Cisnormative Behaviors Explained
I’m a Woman Who Loves a Woman, but Don’t Call Me a Lesbian
Why Straight Men Have Sex With Each Other
To Be Queer, Black and Sick
Getting Real About Asexuality (video)
The Brutally Honest Truth About Being a Gay Man
Being Queer, Feeling Muslim
5 Intersections of Being Queer and Disabled
Why Do So Many Bisexuals End Up in Straight Relationships
Trans-Cis couples talk about their relationships (video)
Ask An Asexual Person (video)
A Closer Look at Women Who Have Left Their Husbands for Other Women
Is Kink a Sexual Orientation?
Trans Love In The Black Community: Living Color

Movies/Documentaries/Shows (viewing access might require subscriptions to platforms)

The Watermelon Woman
Paris is Burning
Pink Flamingos
120 BPM
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
The Handmaiden
The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnston
Dallas Buyer’s Club
The Cakemaker
The Half of It
Disclosure:Trans Lives on Screen

Exploring Disability

Disability Studies 101

General Disability Videos:

How to Treat People with Disabilities, According to People with Disabilities (3:45)
Guess My Disability | Lineup (15:11)
DISABILITY | How You See Me (3:00)
Judy Heumann Fights for People With Disabilities: Drunk History (8:25)
Disability Identity and Language (7:03)
The enchanting music of sign language (15:16)
How autism freed me to be myself (6:09)
I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much (9:13)
I got 99 problems…palsy is just one (14:10)
People Living With Disabilities Review Characters With Disabilities (9:08)
Meet the Normals: Adventures in Universal Design (6:42)

Documentaries (may require subscription/purchase)

Invitation to Dance
Where’s Molly?
A World Without Bodies
Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement
When Billy Broke His Head
Vital Signs: When Crip Culture Talks Back
Sound and Fury
Sound and Fury 6 Years Later
Able to Laugh
Kids are All Right
When I Walk

(A more complete list of media representations — in movies and on TV is available at Media & Disability Resources.)

Disabled Creators on YouTube:

Zach Anner
Molly Burke
JD Dalton
Annie Elainey
Jessica Flores
Jessica Kellgren-Fozard
Drew Lynch
Rikki Poynter
James Rath
Rogan Shannon
Sitting Pretty Lolo
Playlist of disabled YouTubers compiled by Annie Elainey
Source: Disability Studies 101

Racism, State Violence, and Ableism (Critical Disability Studies):

Susan Schweik, “Lomax’s Matrix: Disability, Solidarity, and the Black Power of 504,” 31, no. 1 DSQ (2011)
Sami Schalk, “Coming to Claim Crip,” 33, no. 2 DSQ (2013)
Heather Rakes, “Toward a Theoretico-practical Accountability to Difference and Relationality,” 33, no. 4 DSQ (2013)      
Nirmala Erevelles, “Thinking With Disability Studies,” 34, no. 2 DSQ (2014)
Michelle Jarman and Alison Kafer, “Guest Editors' Introduction: Growing Disability Studies: Politics of Access, Politics of Collaboration,” 34, no. 2 DSQ (2014)
National Black Disability Coalition, “Developing and Reflecting on a Black Disability Studies Pedagogy,” 35, no. 2 DSQ (2015)
Akemi Nishida, “Understanding political development through an intersectionality framework: Life stories of disability activists,” 36, no. 2 DSQ (2016)
Zosha Stuckey, “Race, Apology, and Public Memory at Maryland's Hospital for the 'Negro' Insane,” 37, no. 1 DSQ (2017)
Angel L. Miles, Akemi Nishida, Anjali J. Forber-Pratt, “An open letter to White disability studies and ableist institutions of higher education,” 37, no 3 DSQ (2017)
Eli Clare, “The Ferocious Need for Liberation,” 37, no. 3 DSQ (2017)      
Adria Imada, “A Decolonial Disability Studies?,” 37, no 3 DSQ (2017)
Jordan Jaffee, “Rethinking School Safety in the Age of Empire: Militarization, Mental Health, and State Violence Laura,” 38, no. 1 DSQ (2018)
Carli Friedman, “Ableism, Racism, and Subminimum Wage in the United States,” 39, no. 4 DSQ (2019).
Carrie Mulderink, “The Emergence, Importance of #DisabilityTooWhite hashtag.”  40,  no. 2  DSQ (2020)
Source: Society for Disability Studies

Stanford Resources:

Office of Accessible Educations (OAE)

Stanford Disability

Diversity and Access Office (DAO)

Stanford Neurodiversity Project

Schwab Learning Center (SLC)