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Dialogue Grant Program

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The Office for Inclusion, Belonging and Intergroup Communication (IBIC) offers grants to students, staff, and faculty members who seek to carry out projects that center diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity (DIBE) through intergroup communication. The Dialogue Grant Program prioritizes funding for projects that create spaces for authentic and vulnerable connection, where diverse experiences and identities can be explored. 

Project Guidelines

  • Projects must benefit a group — whether it’s your club members, a group of friends, or the general public, there must be multiple people participating in/learning from your project.
  • Projects must involve some opportunity to dialogue and learn from one another. A project relying solely on a one way transfer of knowledge (i.e. a lecture or presentation) will not be accepted.
  • Projects must explore topics related to identity, diversity, inclusion, belonging and/or equity.  
  • Projects should relate their topic matter to the lived experiences of Stanford community members. 
  • Projects should be led by Stanford community members – projects focused solely on external speakers/presenters will not be accepted.

Funding Guidelines

  • Maximum funding is $500. Generally speaking, the DGP committee will not award funding beyond $20/person based on your attendance estimate.
  • Funds may be used for direct costs related to the proposed project, such as food or catering, supplies (e.g. printouts, pens, craft supplies) and room rentals. 
  • Funds may not be used for alcohol, speaker honoraria, durable goods (e.g. camera, microphone), personal stipends, merchandise, raffles, or transportation expenses.

The application deadline for spring quarter projects is Wednesday, May 22nd. Learn more about how to apply.