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Workshops for Staff and Faculty

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Summer 2023 

A Bridge to Belonging: Connecting Stanford Educators through Reflection & Storytelling

What is the role of belonging in our experiences as educators at Stanford? More and more, we (educators/staff/faculty) recognize the significance of a sense of belonging on the experiences of college students, particularly those with socially marginalized identities. While this remains a critical and central part of our shared work, we also need and benefit from a sense of belonging in our organizational settings. Through personal reflection, story-sharing, and interactive activities, we will critically explore the concept of belonging and how it relates to our experiences as educators and practitioners on campus. Further, we will identify tools, resources, and approaches to cultivating belonging among others and ourselves in our work at Stanford. Come be in community as we learn, reflect, and share a meal.

When: Tuesday, July 18, 11:00am - 2:00pm (lunch included)

Where: Durand 450

Cost: Free!

Register here

Fall 2022

Cultivating Our Community Cultural Wealth

As practitioners and educators who contribute to and navigate our respective institutional spaces, how can we cultivate our cultural strengths in order to foster opportunities for flourishing among ourselves, students, and the diverse members of the Stanford community at large? This gathering will comprise food, fellowship and a chance to explore together Tara Yosso’s framework of Community Cultural Wealth through interactive and empowering reflection and dialogue among staff and faculty.

When: Thursday, Nov. 17, 12-1:30pm

Where: EVGR Building B 141 Meeting Room

Please RSVP here (registration capped at 25 people)

Train the Trainer: Facilitating Courageous Conversations (a STARS course)

Come together with your colleagues to explore and engage with concepts and skills related to identity, intergroup communication and social justice. This full-day workshop will empower you to reflect on how our social identities show up at work, and learn key principles and promising practices toward facilitating courageous conversations that center diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity in your respective organizational settings. Our time together will comprise individual reflection opportunities, interactive discussions and activities, skill-building, and authentic community-building (lunch included). People with all skill levels and experience are invited. 

When: Wednesday, Dec. 7, 9:30am-4:30pm

Where: EVGR Building B 141 Meeting Room

Please RSVP here (registration capped at 40 people)

Cost: $200 (STAP eligible; lunch included); cost waived for VPSA staff


Prior Courses

Train the Trainer: How to Facilitate Courageous Conversations: This two day long course prepares participants (staff/faculty) to facilitate courageous conversations and lead workshops, particularly around topics involving culture & identity (race, gender, & social class, for example).

Engaging Difference Framework: This session will support participants in feeling more comfortable, prepared, and willing to engage in conversations across difference identities, experiences, and backgrounds.

Reducing Bias and Stereotyping: This session examines how stereotypes and implicit biases can affect our perceptions & decisions and explores a framework and suggestions for reducing the impact of stereotypes and bias.

Gender Diversity: This session explores gender diversity and inclusivity.

Conducting COVID Compliance with Cultural Humility: In collaboration with Environmental Health & Safety, this course provides guidance on how to carry out COVID compliance responsibilities in a respectful, culturally sensitive way.

Allyship and Coalition Building 1.0 and 2.0: A two-part series exploring Anti-Racism as a framework for social justice and a tool for effective allyship and generative coalition-building.