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Exploring Gender Diversity

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Non-Binary Gender Identities 101 (web article)
“What Does Gender Nonconforming Mean?” (web article)
Cisnormativity and heteronormativity (web article)
Various gender symbols explained (web article)
Difference between gender identity and sexual orientation (video)


Why Gender Pronouns Matter (video)
Nonbinary Pronouns 101 (video)

Gender Expression

Gender expression explained (video)
Gender fluidity and make-up (video)
Female Masculinity by Jack Halberstam (scholarly book, Duke University Press)


Introduction to intersectional feminism (video)
Intersectional erasure (video) Talk by Kimberle Crenshaw, professor of law at UCLA and Columbia and an authority on Critical Race Theory and Civil Rights, on bringing gender and feminist theory into the discussion of racism, and vice versa
Black Queer Studies (scholarly anthology, Duke University Press)

Trans Health and Well-Being

Trans Education video series by Dr. Maya Adam, MD, Stanford

Discrimination and Violence

Unerased: Counting Transgender Lives. Database of names of trans people’s lives lost to homicide since 2010
The #MeToo movement (Atlantic article)
Born Intersex: We Are Human! (video) TEDx talk by Mx. Annunaki Ray Marquez

LGBTQ+ History

GLBT Historical Society
ONE Archives Foundation

Gender Equality

“Defining Gender Equity and Gender Equality” (video) Soledad O'Brien and Anne Eleanor Roosevelt discuss "Defining Gender Equity and Gender Equality” -- keynote at the National Conversation on Rights and Justice: Women's Rights and Gender Equality.
“Why Gender Equality is Good for Everyone—Including Men” (video) TED talk by Michael Kimmel (2015)
“What is Toxic Masculinity?” (New York Times article, 2019)
The Mask You Live In (video) Trailer for the documentary. See the filmmaker’s  synopsis at

In the Workplace

Gender Diversity in Computer Science

Stanford Resources

Queer Student Resources and QSR Affinity Groups
Women’s Community Center
Stanford Pride - Stanford’s LGBTQ+ Alumni Community
Program in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies
The Clayman Institute for Gender Research
Gender Inclusive Stanford
Weiland Health Initiative
Sexual Violence Support and Resources