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STARS Courses

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STARS Courses for Staff and Faculty

Spring 2022

STARS Allyship and Coalition Building 1.0 and 2.0 (Virtual) Register here

  • Part 1: Wednesday, April 20th 9:00am -12:00 pm PST - Allyship
  • Part 2 Wednesday, April 27th 9:00am -12:00 pm - Coalition-Building

Participants should plan to attend both days of the training.
Cost: $250 (STAP Eligible), scholarships available. No cost to VPSA staff.

Prior and Upcoming Courses:

STARS Train the Trainer: How to Facilitate Courageous Conversations: This two day long course prepares participants (staff/faculty) to facilitate courageous conversations and lead workshops, particularly around topics involving culture & identity (race, gender, & social class, for example).

STARS Engaging Difference Framework: This session will support participants in feeling more comfortable, prepared, and willing to engage in conversations across difference identities, experiences, and backgrounds.

STARS Reducing Bias and Stereotyping: This session examines how stereotypes and implicit biases can affect our perceptions & decisions and explores a framework and suggestions for reducing the impact of stereotypes and bias.

STARS Gender Diversity: This session explores gender diversity and inclusivity.

STARS Conducting COVID Compliance with Cultural Humility: In collaboration with Environmental Health & Safety, this course provides guidance on how to carry out COVID compliance responsibilities in a respectful, culturally sensitive way.