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Past Projects

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Learn more about past projects supported by the Dialogue Grant Program.


First-Gen Check In, by Ximena Sanchez Martinez '23. Ximena's project was a community dialogue night for FLI students to come together and support one another. Students shared a meal, journaled and talked about their feelings navigating higher education and planning for future careers as FLI students. 

GSBorderless: Unspoken Stories by Joy Liu (MBA ‘24, Stanford Graduate School of Business) and Yuchen Zou (MBA ‘24, Stanford Graduate School of Business). Their project was an evening of storytelling and connection. In a safe, supportive small group setting, students exchanged anonymous stories of being an international student in America, or interacting with foreign cultures as an American. Participants shared the unique triumphs and challenges that come with navigating different cultures and identities, and opened up to encountering a moment of genuine vulnerability and realness. 

Reflecting on Tradition Pancake Brunch by Alexandra Small (MBA 2024) and Rashmi Sharma (MBA 2024). Inspired by a pan gifted to one of the co-hosts by her aunt for the specific purpose of making pancakes for her friends in grad school, we hosted a Saturday pancake brunch centered around the theme of traditions. Students from different grad programs came together to discuss which traditions they brought with them from their past, which they’ve decided to let go of in this new environment of graduate school, and what new traditions they’ve created here at Stanford. All of this conversation was had over a brunch spread, complete with homemade pancakes and waffles! The core of the intention of this event was to make the broader graduate student community feel a little smaller– even if by making just 1 more friend. 

South Asian Dance Dialogue by Anusha Dwarkanath (Class of 2026), Shreya Komar (Class of 2026), and Ramya Ayyagari (Class of 2024). This project gave its participants a safe space to reflect on their identities as South Asians, members of the South Asian diaspora, artists, classical dancers, and PoC. Through discussion, dialogue, and exercises that encouraged vulnerability, we were able to absorb and amplify the narratives and lived experiences of the members of this community. 

Social Identity and STEM by Ashley P. Saunders - 3rd Year Chemistry PhD Candidate and Josh Arens - 2nd Year Chemistry PhD Candidate. Being a STEM student at Stanford is already challenging enough. Adding identity to the mix can make navigating the field even more challenging. At this event, NOBCChE@Stanford and oSTEM led a discussion about how students’ view their own identities and these identities' influence on their academic career.

Dreaming Big by Brennecke Gale (BA ‘22, MA ‘24), Olivia Testa (BA ‘22, MA ‘23), and Grace Scullion (BA ‘23). A small group of graduating seniors and coterm students gathered in the backyard of Gardiner House for an evening of collaging, vision-boarding, reflection, and dinner. The night was an opportunity to think about dreams for the future and what we wanted to carry forward from our 5 years at Stanford. We also invited everyone to bring a piece of writing, song, or thoughts to share at the end of the night.

Community Building by Tabatha Anderson, MIP ‘24. A gathering of members of the MIP cohort to share “lifelines,” an exercise in identifying the highs and lows of their lives up until this point. The event was an opportunity to strengthen friendships and continue to grow as a community.