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Videographed and edited by Shirley Yumeng He

If your student community – your residence, organization, group, lab, etc.– is interested in creating a more inclusive environment, LINKS workshops are for you! Designed and led by our trained Peer Facilitators, LINKS workshops engage Stanford students in intergroup dialogue, experiential learning and community building. LINKS workshops are custom-tailored, featuring activities and conversations on identity, diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity that are chosen to fit each group’s needs. Read on to learn more about these workshops and how to request one for your community.

  • How do I request a workshop?
    • To request a workshop, please submit the request form at least three weeks prior to your intended workshop date. Our Peer Facilitators will be in touch within 5 business days to conduct an intake meeting.
  • What does a workshop look like?
    • Each workshop varies depending upon the needs of the requesting group. Based on the workshop request form as well as information gathered during the initial intake meeting, our Peer Facilitators will design a session to meet the hopes and goals for your organization. All LINKS workshops include opportunities for intergroup dialogue and experiential activities. 

      A typical workshop starts off with an introductory prompt or warmup, followed by an experiential activity that engages with your group’s topic, a debrief/discussion that allows participants to reflect further and a closing activity. Workshops are typically facilitated by two Peer Facilitators and are 60-90 minutes long.

  • What type of workshop can I request?
    • The LINKS program currently offers three standing workshops, however we can combine or adapt any of these topics to meet the needs of your community. The three workshops currently offered are:
      • Introduction to Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity
        • An engaging dialogue that will introduce definitions of diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity. Participants will have space to reflect upon their social identities and learn how to navigate differences by employing skills like cultural humility.
      • Cultivating Community
        • Designed for groups to explore their comfort zones, this workshop encourages participants to reflect and connect with one another as they set out to build an intentional community rooted in inclusivity. Group members will work together to co-create their community expectations while taking into consideration varying group dynamics and needs.
      • Dialogue Across Difference
        • In a world where understanding and respecting diverse perspectives is paramount, this gathering aims to equip you with the skills and insights necessary for engaging in dialogue through growth, reflection, and connection. It aims to enhance communication skills and broaden our understanding of what it means to engage intentionally with others who may hold backgrounds, lived experiences, values, and opinions that differ from one’s own.
  • How many participants can attend a workshop?
    • We recommend anywhere from 10-50 participants. The experiential and interactive nature of workshops best suits groups of this size . However, if you’re interested in a workshop for fewer than 10 or more than 50 participants, please submit a workshop request form specifying your group size, and we will do our best to accommodate your group.  
  • I want to learn how to be a facilitator. Is there a LINKS workshop for that?
    • Not at this time. If you are a student interested in learning how to facilitate, we encourage you to apply to the Peer Facilitation Program (applications open each year in Fall) or to register for PSYCH 103F/203F: Intergroup Communication Facilitation (undergraduates should enroll in 103F, graduates in 203F).
  • Does LINKS offer workshops for staff and faculty?
    • Not at this time. The LINKS program is for students, by students. If you are a staff or faculty member interested in engaging with the IBIC, please see our Workshops for Staff and Faculty page.
  • I don’t have a custom workshop request, but I’m interested in attending one. What workshops can I attend?
    • Please check out this page to learn more about our ‘For Your Consideration’ workshop series, which is open to all students.